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    Exceeds Coast Guards, ABYZ and Military Specification rating Certified and Independently Tested now with the UL 1278 standard


Xtreme Heaters In My 370 Sundancer

I use two Xtreme heaters in my 370 Sundancer to protect it from potential freeze damage during the winter months. The Xtreme heaters are always reliable and have never let me down. I rest assured that my boat is safe using Xtreme products. – David Bowers

Peace Of Mind

My Xtreme Heater gives me the peace of mind to know that my investment is safe during those cold winter months. Installation was simple and  the pre-programmed heat settings were perfect for my environment. Quality construction and a great overall value. Count me as a very satisfied Xtreme Heater owner. -Sam Baker

Our 50 Princess Fly Bridge In The Water All Year

We keep our 50 Princess Fly Bridge in the water all year.  We use it all year as long as the water doesn’t freeze–winter boating is actually pretty nice on the Chesapeake Bay.  Without our Xtreme Heaters keeping the engines warm and the cabin livable, it would be a whole different story. -MK

RV For Lake Tahoe

We could not be happier with our purchase.  We love the  “set it and forget it” setup.  When the van is home we simply plug in the heater and open a few cabinets and it maintains a perfect temp above freezing.  When we are ready to adventure we unplug it and off we go.  It does not get any simpler. Thanks for a great product Steve. - Greg & Lourdes

My name is Lt. Joe Crowshaw; I work for the City of East Providence Fire Department (EPFD) in Rhode Island. I was responsible for the purchase of all of the deck gear and firefighting equipment to be used aboard the boats. I can honestly say that there is no other product available that comes close to the Xtreme Heaters performance, safety and economy of operation. - Lt. Joe Crowshaw

I bought a 600 watt Xtreme heater a couple of weeks ago after speaking with you. It’s mounted in the engine compartment of my 2017 Rinker 370EX, 37 foot with twin Mercruisers 8.2L, located on Old Hickory Lake in the Nashville, TN area.
This is a graph of the outside temperature (yellow) and inside the engine compartment (blue line). Knowing my bilge is being kept at 40 - 50 F regardless of the outside temperature gives me great piece of mind.

Al Wagner

Steve with Xtreme
Heaters is great! Be confident in his product and the service
you’ll receive with it.
Thanks again Steve – You’ve created a lifelong customer in


Our Story

The Xtreme Marine Engine Compartment Heater was developed to provide a safe and consistently reliable solution to protect your boat’s engines and critical components from freeze damage. Whether part of your overall boat winterization strategy, or a way to extend your boating season in colder months, Xtreme’s boat engine heater is key. Our customer testimonials demonstrate the level of satisfaction our products have brought to boaters in the US and around the world.

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