One Less Thing To Worry About! 1976 Trojan F36

MV Daddyo Xtreme Heaters TestimonialI am 55 years old and have been boating all of my life. For the past nine years my baby has been a 1976 Trojan F36. Being in the southeast you never really know what kind of weather Mother Nature is gonna deliver and since we boat all year we never really winterize the boat.

Until the advent of actual effective bilge heaters we used to go to all kinds of extremes to keep the systems from freezing. I have had the other brand [bilge] heater in my vessel for years and it has proven to be effective, however after some research and looking at the actual components in the Xtreme Heater, I decided to try for a little more performance.

The second week of Nov the weather took a dive and plunged into the 20’s. Wednesday night after work I went down to swap out the heaters. My boat has the engines under the salon floor and you could tell when the bilge heater was running by the cabin temp. When I mounted the Xtreme Heater in the engine room and powered it up, the effect of the forced air was immediate and you could feel it swirling around in the engine room, more effectively circulating air in all areas of the engine room……yeah! One less thing to worry about.

- Kevin “Daddyo” Caldwell, Goodlettsville, TN


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