Everything You Need to Know About Lithium Battery Heaters

Lithium is a popular choice for batteries and battery heaters due to their many advantages. Learn everything you need to know about lithium batteries and why they’re a great choice for battery heaters!

What Are Lithium Batteries?

A lithium battery is an advanced battery that runs off lithium. Lithium ions are used because of their electrochemistry. They’re also smaller compared to hydrogen and helium. Plus, they have high voltage and charge storage. 

Advantages of Lithium Batteries

The typical battery is made from nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride. But compared to them, lithium has more benefits. Lithium batteries have one of the highest energy densities of battery technology on the market. Lithium can also serve a higher volt (3 times higher!) which means there can be larger amounts of current for high-power applications. Lastly, lithium batteries are low maintenance and don’t require the scheduled cycling other batteries need to maintain battery life. 

Because of these numerous advantages, it’s why lithium batteries are used in smartphones and laptops. And it's why they’re used in our Xtreme Heaters! Lithium batteries have also been used in Boeing 787s and battery-powered cars because of their environmentally friendly factor. 

Why Use a Lithium Battery Heater?

We listed all the benefits of lithium batteries, but why should you use it as your heater? Because lithium batteries are great during the cold weather! It’s why lithium batteries are used in our Xtreme Heaters! Our customers use our lithium battery heaters to keep their boat engines and RV plumbing from freezing in the winter. Lithium batteries can be used in temperatures as low as -4 and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. While we hope our customers aren’t experiencing weather as extreme as this, our lithium battery heaters are up to the challenge! 

Xtreme Heater’s Lithium Battery Heaters

Our lithium battery heaters were designed specifically to keep your engine spade safely above freezing temperature. And because our batteries are using lithium, there won’t be extra energy wasted to heat to unnecessary levels. Our lithium battery heathers will turn on at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off at 50 degrees. This will keep your engine space safely in the high 30s to mid-40s, despite the freezing weather outside. 

We tested this with a 74-hour log taken from a boat stored in a wet slip and using our lithium battery heater. The top red line represents the sensor placed near the Xtreme Heater and the second green line represents a sensor placed away from the heater. The purple line is the temperature outside the boat. 

You can see that the outside air temperature and engine compartment temperatures are following a similar pattern. That is until they reach the Xtreme Zone of Protection and the lithium battery heater is triggered. Then as the temperature outside increases above freezing, the engine remains consistent. This is because the lithium battery heater sensed that it is no longer needed to warm the compartment. 

Benefits of Our Lithium Battery Heaters

Not only will our heaters last longer than other battery-powered heaters, but they’re safer. Our lithium battery heaters have been tested by us and independently. The results were an A++! It’s so safe that our Coast Guards and Military use it in their boats. Read more about the military testing here

The military testing also proved how reliable our lithium battery heaters are. Our heaters are the safest and most reliable available. A purchase in one of our lithium battery heaters will provide a fully anodized aluminum case, a sealed electronics module, marine rated power cord, and our exclusive waterproof fan. 

Our lithium battery heaters are also safer thanks to the Positive Temperature Coefficient. This means our heaters are self-limiting. This means once the temperature reaches its design operating temperature, it will turn off. This means our heaters are incapable of overheating. And no overheating means no boat fires! A win-win for everyone. Read the horror stories of people not choosing lithium battery heaters. 

Choose the safest and most reliable lithium battery heater this winter! We have three battery sizes to choose from to fit all engine needs. Buy your heater today!