Choosing the Right Heater for: Ski, Wake & Watersports boats and runabouts to 24ft

Wake and ski boats

Wake and ski boats often have a very small engine compartment, and in some cases just an engine cover or “hump” over the motor. In these cases, the Small (400 watt) Xtreme heater should take care of your needs. If your boat is stored on a lift or trailer, exposed to a cold wind, it is advised to choose the next
size larger, Medium (600 watt) heater. Installation tips 


Runabouts with outdrives often utilize the full width of the boat for the engine compartment. This configuration expands the volume to be heated significantly, warranting our Medium (600 watt) heater. As with the above example, choose the next size larger for extreme conditions (wind, deep freezes, long periods of freezing temps).

My buddies were impressed with the setup since we were still out long after they had winterized
Overall the heater appears to work good. We had a wakeboard session Thanksgiving weekend and I put it up the first week of Dec (saving Nov dry storage fees). Plan is to have it out late Feb for ballast and Perfect pass installs and be on the lake by St Patrick’s Day (40 deg water temps).
Again living in Kansas, my goal was to extend my spring and fall by 6-8 weeks each and have some extra insurance the block would not freeze. My buddies were impressed with the setup since we were still out long after they had winterized.
— Brian,


These guidelines for heater selection are intended to help you make an informed choice regarding the size, number and placement of your Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater(s).  The infinite number of variables involved, including boat and engine compartment configuration, storage location, local weather conditions or extreme weather events make it impossible for us to make definitive recommendations for specific boats in specific locations.  Our testimonials page is a great place to see boat and heater combinations that our customers have found effective.