Safe, Reliable Freeze Protection for you Boat Bilge or RV

The Xtreme Marine Engine Compartment Heater was developed to provide a safe and consistently reliable solution to protect your boat’s engines and critical components from freeze damage. Whether part of your overall boat winterization strategy, or a way to extend your boating season in colder months, Xtreme’s boat engine heater is key. Our customer testimonials demonstrate the level of satisfaction our products have brought to boaters in the US and around the world. Read our Choose your Heater Guide to get the right heater for your boat.

Xtreme: The Bilge Heater Built Specifically for Your Boat or RV

 Our mission in creating our line of bilge   heaters was to build the safest, most   reliable and most efficient product   available. We wanted our heaters to be the safe and easy answer to keeping you on the water longer.

 We designed it to last the life of your boat,   so instead of following tedious winterization procedures every time the weatherman brings the bad news of a freeze, simply plug in your Xtreme Boat Bilge Heater for fully automatic, completely safe freeze protection and peace of mind. 


Xtreme heaters were the first product of it’s type to be tested by the independent IMANA Labs, to meet or exceed Coast Guard and ABYC standards. We then went further, testing our products against MILSPEC (Military Specification) ratings for heat, cold, moisture and vibration. We passed all with flying colors, which has earned our product the trust of our military, where it is installed in special operations vessels, as well as homeland security vessels across our nation.


We chose modern, efficient, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology for the core of our heaters. PTC heaters are self-regulating, offering safety and efficiency gains unmatched by older style resistant element heaters.


Each component in our line of boat bilge heaters was chosen specifically for the harsh marine environment they live in. A fully anodized aluminum case, a sealed electronics module, marine rated power cord, and our exclusive waterproof fan ensure your heater is the safest and most reliable engine compartment heater available, ensuring years of trouble free operation.

Compact and Flexible

Xtreme Heaters are the most compact boat bilge heaters available. They can be mounted in any orientation, including vertically, horizontally or even upside down. With our optional Quick Release Bracket, your heater can be installed for the winter and removed for the boating season, no tools required.