After Their Excellent Customer Service, I Purchased Their XXXHEAT Unit For My Boat!

400 Sea Ray with Xtreme HeatersI looked at several brands of heaters and sizes. On the boat I just purchased was a competitive model, but I wasn’t sure if it worked. When I went to competitive website the model shown how to test was not the same. Frustrated I called the competitive company, only to get voice mail. Two days later I called again. Once again voice mail.

So I e-mailed them and 4-5 days later they replied saying to send the old one back with a credit card. If the repair charges were too much I could buy a new from them. I didn’t like the way this was going. (I had an Xtreme Heater on my last boat that I sold with the boat.)

Because of the lack of customer service with the competitive unit, I called Xtreme Heaters. What I liked about their units is that it has an LED light to see if the power was on – and their web site (and heater) showed exactly how to test the unit. A heater is great when it works, but if doesn’t have power how can you tell if it is working?

Their units are more compact to fit into tighter areas, yet offering better performance. When I called Xtreme, I talked to a live person who answered all of my questions. They even told me how to test my old unit. (That is customer service at its best!) The temperature button clicked, but the old unit did not “activate.” After their excellent customer service, I purchased their XXXHEAT unit for my boat: a 400 Sea Ray Express Cruiser. I knew if I had a problem, their Customer Service was there to support me. I highly recommend Xtreme Heaters.

- Sam Magruder, Roswell, GA

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