RV Winterizing and Lithium Battery winter storage -Winterizing your RV

The system worked all winter flawlessly, it's a new concept in RV winterizing.The “5112 Dual Voltage / Dual Inverter - RV Lithium System” was designed by Mike Mas for larger RV’s and Bus Conversions to provide "off the grid" 50 amp service. What makes the 5112 system unique, is instead of the standard two “House & Chassis” battery groups, the 5112 system incorporates a high capacity ”Third Lithium Battery Group” used exclusively for 120 volt inversion. Powering the inversion system is four Lithionics 51 volt battery modules which output 30,720 watt hours, comparable to twenty five 100ah lithium batteries or fifty AGM batteries. This lithium system was installed in a Newmar Canyon Star diesel 3927. For more Information on RV lithium systems andRV upgrades visit: www.rvvolt.com

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