RV For Lake Tahoe winter use and storage.

RV heaterMy wife and I live in Lake Tahoe CA and own a van that we up-fitted for adventures (e.g. toy hauler with  a water system, lithium batteries for power, the works). 

We had a dilemma because we did not want to winterize our van during the winter because we are 4-season adventurers.  Your Xtreme Heater was the perfect solution. Many people in cold weather climates store their vans in warmer locations or drain the water system and fill with anti-freeze to prepare for the cold weather.  Neither of the options work for us as we use our van year round. 

RV heaterHowever, we did need to take precautions when we were at home and temps were below freezing.  Winterizing was not a option because we want to jump and take of at a moments notice.  Also winterizing the water system does not address the lithium batteries which should avoid freezing temps. 

So instead of winterizing our van we bought your Xtreme Heater (model 650) to place inside our van which would  keep the temp above freezing.  We could not be happier with our purchase.  We love the  “set it and forget it” setup.  When the van is home we simply plug in the heater and open a few cabinets and it maintains a perfect temp above freezing.  When we are ready to adventure we unplug it and off we go.  It does not get any simpler.

In addition to making it possible for us to keep the van close by and ready to go other things we love about the heater are:

  • It sips power.  I leave it plugged in all the time and have barely noticed the change in our electric bill.
  • The power light is simple and reassuring – (the lights indicate what mode it is in).  When above freezing it does not even run.
  • The compact size is fantastic.  We chose not to mount ours at this time as we just take it out when not needed.  That said, it is small enough that if we wanted to mount it it would be easy.

RV heaterThanks for a great product Steve.  It has made our life really easy and protected our valuable investment!


Greg and Lourdes Shaurette

Lake Tahoe

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