The XTREME Heater Proved Its Worth And Gave XTREME Peace Of Mind!

Xtreme Heater Heaters Protect CruisersIn 2006 we moved our boat from GA to Knoxville, TN where we definitely needed to purchase a bilge/engine compartment heater. After doing my reaearch I chose to purchase a XTREME Heater model 300 (small). It has out performed All any Expections!

For the 4 years the boat was in Knoxville TN, the temperature range during the winter months (December through March)was between the 10-30 degrees F with the lake icing over at our slip in 2009 and 2010. The XTREME Heater keep our engines from suffering any damages.

Living in Atlanta and not be able to monitoring the condition of our boat on a frequent basis, the XTREME Heater proved its worth and gave XTREME peace of mind! If you love your boat you need this product when it come to protecting your investment!!

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