East Providence Fire Departments 30 foot fireboats uses xtreme heaters

East Providence Fire Deparment xtreme heatersMy name is Lt. Joe Crowshaw; I work for the City of East Providence Fire Department (EPFD) in Rhode Island. For three years, I have worked with a small group of firefighters from three other cities whose job it was to specify and purchase four 30 foot fireboats for the Port of Providence. I was responsible for the purchase of all of the deck gear and firefighting equipment to be used aboard the boats, as well as the technical research behind many vessel systems. I can honestly say that there is no other product available that comes close to the Xtreme Heaters performance, safety and economy of operation.

East Providence Fire Deparment xtreme heatersThe Port of Providence Marine Strike Team was formed to provide life safety and to protect the critical infrastructure within the port. Our mission is to provide a strong, year round marine response to any waterside emergencies within the region. Fire suppression, search and rescue and environmental disaster response place tremendous demands on the boats and their gear. With a busy commercial waterfront and fishing industry, cold weather responses are common. The strike team relies on Xtreme Heaters to protect their boats during New England.

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