East Providence Harbor Department

East Providence Harbor Dept. with Xtreme Heaters


Dear Steve,

After searching for a heater that would keep our 27′ Boston Whaler Vigilant patrol/rescue boat in-service year-round we found your Xtreme Heaters fit that need perfectly.

We purchased the XXHeat 450 watt heater to keep our generator, battery bank and head system from freezing.

We found the XXHeat to be low cost, light-weight, easy to install (4 screws, 2 minutes), easy to use, just plug it in and the automatic thermostat takes care of the rest.

While discussing the Xtreme Heaters with a friend on the fire department I found out they have had them on the RI fire boat task force boats for years!

I would recommend Xtreme Heaters to anyone looking to extend their boating season. Please feel free to pass along my information to anyone who would like to see your product in use.

East Providence Harbor Dept. with Xtreme Heaters


- S. Bruce Dufresne
City of East Providence