I’m Impressed With Your Design Of The Xtreme heaters -Medium XXHEAT

Hi Steve,

It’s January in Maryland and my wife and I just took the boat to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for the weekend. I think we were the only ones out except for the commercial traffic. What a treat!

Powercat Protected by Xtreme HeatersI just had a chance to test the heaters. Uh…wow! I’m impressed with your design of the Xtreme XXHEAT you sent (are those heat sync’s in there? …interesting way to create heat without spark risk). It does take a little bit to warm up, but when it does…WOW.

And then you’ve got the fan running well after the heat elements turn off…great way to maximize the output! Thanks for all your help in designing a system that will work for my powercat and it’s unique needs. I’m very happy with the results.

– Kurt

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