If you love spending time on your boat but dread the freezing cold months, a Marine Heater could help. You'll extend your time on the water for a cozier and more relaxing experience, even during frigid temperatures.

What Is a Marine Heater?

Beyond comfort, a marine heater also protects your boat from freezing temperatures. Our marine heaters are small engine compartment heaters that help maintain above-freezing temperatures for your boat.

Despite their small size, marine heaters quickly warm up small spaces, including boats or tiny pump houses along the lake. 

How Does a Marine Heater Work?

Our selection of high-quality, efficient Xtreme engine compartment heaters keeps your engine space above freezing temperatures and doesn't waste any extra energy. We use a factor-set, fixed thermostat to turn on the Xtreme Heater at 40° Fahrenheit (+/-3°) and off at 55°F. The goal is to keep your space warmed up to the high 30s to mid-40s, no matter how cold it is outside. 

When our marine heaters are triggered, it maintains a consistent output and sense when the temperature changes outside. It knows when to readjust or no longer needs to keep your boat's engine compartment above freezing. 

Despite how powerful these heaters are, they're small than most units on the market without losing their efficiency. The result is a more efficient installation process to suit your engine compartment size and layout. 

Do I Really Need a Marine Heater for My Boat?

If you live in a mild climate or don't want to give up precious time on the water during winter, you can probably skip a marine heater. But even if you enjoy getting out intermittently, a marine heater extends the season and could help preserve the life of your boat.

There's also no way around it. Extreme temperatures, even during a brief cold snap, negatively impact your boat's batteries, fuel, and critical systems. Failing to treat your boat properly for winter could lead to cracked components that ultimately destroy your engine. An investment in a marine heater is nominal compared to skipping expensive repairs related to winter weather damage.

Beyond your boat, a marine heater is also multi-functional. Use it to warm up, keep your boat safe, and get more out of your winter vacation months. Of course, it's essential to follow the instructions and specifications of the heater you buy and only use it as directed.

What Should I Look for in a Marine Heater?

First and foremost, your marine heater should meet or exceed safety standards to keep you and your companions safe on the water. The team at Xtreme Healers can also make recommendations based on your boat and compartment configuration. 

It's also essential to consider your boat's size and what it needs. Xtreme Heaters are efficient, so you don't need to go too big to see powerful results. A ski or wake boat with a small engine compartment can handle a smaller heater to keep things warm. A medium boat, including a runabout, needs a medium (600w), and large cruises or motor yachts benefit from our largest option available, the (800w).

You should also factor in how harsh your climate is and how often you plan to stay out on the water during winter months. We share our knowledge and talk through the options to find the most efficient marine heater for your conditions that also aligns with your price point.

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Why Purchase a Marine Heather from Xtreme Heaters? 

We know you have options when it comes to purchasing a marine heater. Xtreme Heaters offers a 2-year warranty for a satisfaction-guaranteed experience.

Our products are affordable, compact, and flexible for easy mounting and are reliable in harsh water conditions and environments. Most importantly, we also hold a track record for safety. Our heaters exceed Coast Guards, ABYZ, and Military Specification rating and are independently tested with UL 1278 standards. 

Our marine heaters also offer peace of mind. You know you're getting a safe, reliable product that protects you and your boat. Ready to make the investment and extend your time on the water while protecting your boat? Browse our products today to keep your boat out on the water during winter and beyond.