Pump House with Xtreme Heater

I operate a garden center in the mountains in North Carolina. In my business, water is the key - to keeping our plants alive. We have tens of thousands of dollars in plant inventory; if we can't get water, the plants
will die, and so will our business.
This time of year (December - March, and sometimes longer) is particularly important as we need the water to irrigate the plants in hoop houses that don't benefit from outside precipitation (as they are covered and protected from the cold).

We have 3 wells on site, each with a pump house constructed around them. Even though the construction is good and the houses are insulated, I sleep
far better at night knowing that each one has an Xtreme Heater inside. I am
confident that the heaters will kick on when needed and prevent my water
pipes and equipment from freezing. I've watched it happen! As I said, water is the source of our business, so the Xtreme heater was a no-brainer investment. Thanks Steve and the Xtreme Team!
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