3 Reasons Xtreme Heater Has the Best Heaters for RV Basements

An RV basement doesn’t have to be just for storage. It can also be home to your RV heater to prevent frozen pipes and a frozen engine. If you have a “pass-through” basement where it goes from one side to the other, having an RV basement heater will keep the whole RV warm. Here’s why Xtreme Heaters are the best heaters for your RV basement

Best Heaters for RV Basements Are Compact

Xtreme Heaters are built to be compact so they can fit in small areas like engines and RV basements. View our RV testimonials to see how other RV owners fit their Xtreme Heaters in their engines and basements! 

In addition to being compact, they’re also easy to remove and install, thanks to our Quick Release Bracket. The Quick Release Bracket doesn’t require tools or an extreme amount of time to install or remove. The brackets help install the heater in tight spaces without taking up space. The brackets can help clear up space in your RV basement when you use it to install the heater on the ceiling or walls.

They’re Safe for RV Basements

Xtreme Heaters cannot overheat. This is due to our Positive Technology Coefficient technology. With our PTC technology, our Xtreme Heaters are self-limiting. This means when they reach their design operating temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 3 degrees), they will turn off. This makes it the tightest tolerance of any heater on the market. Our heaters are different from others on the market because our heaters automatically respond to the environment. 

But we wanted to ensure the safety of our heaters, so we had them independently tested. They’ve been tested in the most extreme and demanding environments. They were even tested by the military. Military tests are the hardest to pass, but we did! Our heaters ranked so high that the military now uses them too.  

Lastly, our heaters are safer than portable electric heaters. This means you’re actually preventing a fire when you use our heaters. Portable heaters are a fire hazard since they require an electric outlet. They’re also a danger because of how easily they can tip over and cause a fire.

Xtreme Heaters for RV Basements Are Efficient

Once the heater senses the operating temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it begins running almost immediately. Our heaters have true forced air heating. This means air circulates more effectively and evenly. It will create more climate control in your RV basement. Compared to other heaters, they rely on convection, which can still have cold areas in the basement. Our heaters are worth the investment because of how quickly and efficiently they work. 

Best Heaters for RV Basements Will Keep Your Feet Warm

When you run a heater in your RV basement, you’re helping keep your RV warmer than the outside temperature. This is especially nice for those who do not have floor insulation. If the basement runs from one end of the RV to the other, this will be extra nice. But if you don’t have floor insulation because it can be expensive and hard to install, an RV basement heater can help! Find comfort in your mobile home when it’s warm inside. 

As we mentioned earlier, they will automatically shut off after sensing the operating temperature. This saves you money as you won’t have to worry about the battery being drained. By having less run-time, our heaters cost you less in the long run. 

Are you ready for winter? If not, you need an Xtreme Heater as part of your winterization process for your RV basement. Shop our Xtreme Heaters in three sizes: small, medium, and large