Why You Need an RV Battery Heater

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If you’re enjoying your travels in your RV this summer and want to keep the adventure going, check out our heaters for this fall and winter! While Xtreme Heaters are popular with our boating customers, our heaters serve as a great tool for RV owners too! 

Why You Need an RV Battery Heater

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Owning and incorporating an RV battery heater into your RV necessities will help save you money from freeze damage. Freezing temperatures can hurt your engine and plumbing if you don’t winterize. But one heater or a combination of heaters can easily prevent that and be an affordable substitute to winterizing. 

In addition to avoiding damage, you’ll be able to use your RV year-round when you have an RV battery heater to keep the engine and other important compartments in the RV warm. Winterizing your RV can be expensive if you store your RV in a warmer location. Or it can be time-consuming to drain the water system and fill it with antifreeze. And those aren’t options for year-round RV travelers. But now it can be with our Xtreme Heaters!

Types of RV Battery Heaters

At Xtreme Heaters, we offer three different sizes for RV battery heaters. You can mix and match the heaters with our three sizes to meet your specific RV needs. One RV testimonial about our heaters said, “They are easy to put into place, reliable as a stone, highly efficient and with their small footprint, are easy to fit just about anywhere.” Another RV testimonial praised “the heaters’ compact size, built-in thermostat, and unbelievable qualities” to make it the perfect fit in their RV. 

To pick the right battery heater for your RV, consider the configuration of your RV and what you want to keep warm. The top priority for RVs should be the plumbing system. If that’s your priority too, identify where the pipes run and where your water tanks (fresh water, black water, and gray water) are located. Next, find the batteries in your RV as they can also be affected by freezing temperatures. If they’re all located in a single compartment, you can measure the dimensions and calculate the volume of the compartment. With that information, you can choose the Xtreme Heater to best suit your RV. 

The Small XHeat is 400 watts and measures 5.75″ x 3.5″ x 5 1/8″. The XXHeat is our medium size to provide 600 watts for the size of 8″ x 3.5″ x 5 1/8″. And the last and biggest option is the large XXXHeat for 800 watts at 8″ x 3.5″ x 5 1/8″. The beauty of having these three various sizes is the ability to mix and match to combine the right heaters for your RV and space. We even have a twin-pack deal for a steep discount! 


As a rule of thumb, RVs have more volume than engine boats so it’s important to size your heater(s) correctly. When it comes to safety, if you opt for multiple heaters, ensure you’re not running too much amperage through a single electrical circuit. Prevent overloading a single circuit by plugging your heater into outlets on separate circuit breakers.

Read our RV testimonials to discover what combination of heaters worked best for their space. 

Why Choose an RV Battery Heater with Xtreme Heater

One van review listed all the perks of using our Xtreme Heater in the winter:

  • We love the “set it and forget it” setup.
  • It doesn’t get any simpler.
  • Ability to keep their van close by and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Barely a change in their electric bill.
  • The power light is simple and reassuring.
  • The compact size is fantastic.
  • It would be easy to mount.
  • Made their life easier. 
  • Protected their valuable investment.

If you want to protect your valuable investment too while adding ease to your RV lifestyle, buy an RV battery heater today!

RV battery heater keeping plumbing warm

Besides all those perks, each of our RV Battery heaters has true forced-air heating. This lets the air circulate more effectively and heats more evenly. This will ensure climate control of your RV. At Xtreme Heating, our mission was to build the safest, most reliable, and most efficient product. We proved that to be true by being certified and independently tested. They’ve been tested and certified by Coast Guard and ABYC standards and against Military Specification. 

And when you buy an RV battery heater with Xtreme Heaters, we protect your purchase for 2 years with our 2-year warranty. Adding to the safety and also the efficiency of our RV battery heaters is the Positive Temperature Coefficient technology. All our products are PTC heaters meaning they self-regulate and can’t overheat. Avoid spending time and money on winterization this season, and buy an RV battery heater now


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