Are you looking to protect the integrity of your yacht while enjoying your time on the water? Yacht Heaters are crucial to protect your investment, but the wrong kind could compromise your safety. Here's what to know before you buy.

Engine Compartment Heaters

Depending on your needs and the size yacht you have, you may only need an engine compartment heater to keep the area safe and dry. Even if you opt for forced yacht heaters onboard, you may still need an engine heater, especially if you take your yacht out of the water for the cold winter months. 

Xtreme Heaters makes oat bilge and RV heaters for vessels 24' to 35' long. With easy DIY installation, our heaters are ready for use and keep vital areas warm, dry, and mold-free. Unlike other heaters, our models are also safe for use while unattended. With self-regulated technology, they turn on and off at optimal factory-set temperatures, so you never risk overheating or accidental fires.

Diesel Forced Heaters

yatch at sunset - Yacht Heaters - xtreme heaters.jpgAlways look for yacht heaters with a manufacturer warranty and are designed for the rigors of yacht life. Many diesel-forced heaters were initially intended for trucks and motorhomes, so make sure they're suitable for use on your yacht. However, you'll need to monitor diesel heaters to ensure they don't overheat and cause damage to your boat.

Portable Yacht Heaters

A portable, hand-held heater may be suitable to keep a small cabin warm on a windy day. They usually run on fuel or battery but could be prone to overheating without appropriate self-regulating technology. Make sure you always turn off and properly stow a portable heater to reduce the risk of fire and other heater mishaps onboard.

Hydronic Central Heating Systems

If you have a large vessel, you may need more than yacht heaters and require hydronic heating systems instead. These systems rely on water to help move heat from a source, like a heater or a boiler, through pipes to various areas of your yacht. If you live on your boat, hydronic central heating could be a good choice to stay comfortably warm. 

Heating Stove

Depending on your boat and the size of the cabin, a well-ventilated heating stove may produce the heat you need. Heating stoves can get expensive with the addition of diesel but can create a great deal of space with the help of a self-powered fan. Look for stoves you can comfortably cook on with the proper chimney length to ventilate your yacht. 

Why Buy from Xtreme Heaters?

Xtreme Heaters' engine compartment heaters keep your engine space above freezing without wasting any energy in the process. We used fixed thermostats factory-set to run at 40° Fahrenheit (+/-3°) and off at 50°F to make sure your bilge space stays warm enough to avoid freezing and related damage. 

The results? Your yacht stays safe, even if you run Xtreme Heaters while unattended. Our products also use up less energy, so you can save on a more efficient way to keep your yacht warm. You never waste money on fuel or spend time worrying about whether or not your vessel is safe. 

Our yacht heaters are also military tested to prove they're tough enough in the most demanding conditions. We also exceed all of the standard requirements, including ignition protection requirements and electrical system standards. 

Next Steps

Are you ready to find yacht heaters or a good alternative for your engine compartment? Protect your vessel with an affordable, efficient, safe boat storage heater. Browse our entire selection today from small to extra large, or get in touch to find out which heater will work best for your size boat.