Are you facing cold conditions and freezing temperatures on the road? An RV Lithium Battery Heater is a wise choice if you're looking for new ways to keep your essential areas safe, like plumbing and storage. Here's what to know about which batteries to choose for a comfortable RV experience that extends your time on the road.

How Do RV Lithium Battery Heaters Work?

Let's start with the basics. A lithium battery runs off of lithium with the help of its ions. These batteries are much smaller than hydrogen and helium but still provide high voltage and storage. 

When you choose an RV lithium battery heater, you're ensuring that your battery is working as efficiently as possible while keeping your systems safe. Our Xtreme Heaters were designed with boats in mind, but they can also be used for RVs that need help staying warm and optimized.

Why Choose an RV Lithium Battery Heater?

Most batteries are created from nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride but don't enjoy the same voltage and energy densities. Lithium batteries are different. For starters, they usually last longer and are highly efficient. They also don't need regular cycling to maintain the battery life. 

Lithium batteries are used in Boeing 787s, battery-powered cars, and our Xtreme Heaters! We also make our heaters to run efficiently. They only turn on when the temperature hits a certain level, ensuring your RV is never overheating or wasting valuable energy.

Why You Need an RV Lithium Battery Heater During Winter

Lithium batteries are incredible for winter use and hold up to inclement weather. Our customers choose our batteries to keep both their boat engines and RV plumbing from freezing during winter and provide more peace of mind.

Unlike other battery-powered options on the market, lithium batteries can be used in temperatures as low as -4 and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn't experience those types of extreme temperatures, but our products will hold up.

Why Choose Xtreme Heater's Lithium Battery Heaters

Xtreme RV Basement HeaterWe designed our RV lithium battery heaters to keep your engine safe and above freezing temperature. They automatically turn on at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off at 50 degrees. The end result helps keep your engine compartment or area space in the high 30s to mid-40s, despite the freezing weather outside. 

Forgoing a small compartment heater could prove financially disastrous. If your RV plumbing or other systems crack, you may need to get off the road and face expensive repairs before you can safely and comfortably enjoy your vehicle again.

But if you're looking for an RV lithium battery heater to keep you warm, you'll need to rethink your needs. Our Xtreme Heaters are designed to keep engines safe, but they help warm up small areas like your storage. Depending on your needs, bundling up with extra blankets and occasionally running your RV's heater may be all you need to feel comfortable. 

Benefits of Our Lithium Battery Heaters

Our RV lithium battery heaters are long-lasting, durable, and safe. They've been tested both by our team and independently. Even the Coast Guards and Military use our Xtreme Heaters in their boats with peace of mind our products undergo military testing

Our lithium battery heaters also use a Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means they regulate and limit themselves. This feature is essential if you plan to keep your RV outdoors during winter while camping, hiking, or simply while not in use. When our heaters reach their design operating temperatures, it turns off without intervention. They can't overheat, create fires, or put you in harm's way. 

Other Uses for Our RV Lithium Battery Heater

Beyond boats and RVs, small sheds and structures may also benefit from our heaters. They prevent freezing, damage, and costly repairs. You can consider using them almost anywhere you need to keep essential systems, like your engine or plumbing, safe.

Our RV lithium battery heaters are small, easy to install, and affordable. You can purchase more than one to keep different areas of your vehicle safe without breaking the bank.

Next Steps

Ready to try an RV lithium battery heater for yourself? Choose the safest and most reliable lithium battery heater this winter! We have three battery sizes to choose from to fit all engine needs. Our team can also talk you through which option to consider to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. Buy your heater here. 

Learn how to use the RV Lithium Battery Heater for winterization here.