When you want to Keep Warm During Winter Boating you need more than a weather app. A strategy that puts you in control of your comfort and your boat's safety extends your time on the water and makes those cold winter months more enjoyable. Here's how to plan and what to consider for winter.

Keep Warm During Winter Boating with a Heater

boat in cold weather - keep warm during winter boating - Xtreme heatersSmall Boat Heater is an affordable investment in your comfort and your boat's longevity. Xtreme Heater is designed for your engine compartment to keep your boat's critical components warm, dry, and mold-free. You can rest easy your engine is staying safe, even when you're not on the boat. 

However, a boat heater isn't about keeping you and your guests warm. It's about protecting your boat. A portable heater may also work for your comfort, but they're also dangerous, so stay diligent. Unlike our heaters that turn off and on automatically and are safe to use around the clock, portable heaters cannot be left alone. Experts advise the most common causes of boat fires include electrical malfunctions, unattended portable heaters, and poor housekeeping.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers to keep warm boating in winter is essential and cost-effective. Once you buy your layers, you're all set and can use them for other cold-weather activities like hiking. 

Start with a base layer next to the skin, like a modern quick-wicking fabric or a thin Merino wool shirt and leggings. A fleece jacket is a good mid-layer, followed by a breathable outer jacket that's both windproof and waterproof. Make sure to accessorize your way to warmth with scarves, gloves, and hats with backup options in case you get wet.

Add Boat Insulation

Depending on the type of vessel you have, insulation could be an excellent choice to keep warm during winter boating. Beyond keeping warm, insulation can also add a layer of soundproofing to help drown out the noise if you plan to sleep on your boat. It's also a good way to keep your boat free from vapor and condensation that can damage critical components of your boat.

Bring Hot Water Bottles

A rubber hot water bottle is an inexpensive and effective way to stay warm. Make sure the top is screwed on tight before adding it underneath a blanket, in your sleeping bag, or while hanging out on your boat. The insulating properties shore up the heat in and slowly release its heat, which can, in turn, keep you warm boating in winter. 

Consider a Cockpit Enclosure

If you love winter boating, you may benefit from a boat or deck enclosure. Cockpits can be more expensive than a simple boat heater, and dressing warm can impact comfort. Ask about gauge window material that's durable and can be customized with inserts, like mosquito netting in summer.

Eat and Drink for Warmth

steaming cup of liquid - keep warm during winter boating - Xtreme heatersHot, tasty drinks and food are a treat for boating but can also help keep you warm. Green tea, coffee, and hot toddies can all help raise your body heat. Foods that take longer to digest, like bananas, oats, and butternut squash, can also help you feel warmer.

Of course, if you do decide to add alcohol to keep warm during winter boating, make sure you have a designated captain and drink responsibly. Remember that drinking any liquids requires quick access to a bathroom and leaving time to remove some of those layers you're bundled up to stay warm.

Get a Spray Enclosure

A good spray hood is part of an off-season strategy that protects you from unnecessary spray. It also helps keep lower areas of your boat dry, which can lend itself to more warmth on the water. If you do invest in a spray hood, make sure you keep it clean and transparent so you can clearly see other boats and any buoys during overcast weather conditions.

Next Steps

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