Keeping warm while boating during cool weather requires safety and efficiency in mind. You want to protect the most critical systems of your boat while remaining comfortable enough to enjoy the water. Get the ins and outs of Boat Heating Options to find the best choice for you.

1) Invest in a Boat Heater

It's important to clarify what your goals are to keep your boat warm during the winter. If it's about your own comfort level, you'll need a forced air heating system or method to bring more warmth to your body. But if you want to keep your boat's engine and components safe, consider a small engine compartment heater.

Investing in a Small Boat Heater is affordable, easy to install, and protects your engine compartment. Our heaters come in different sizes to meet your boat's needs and are designed to keep your engine components warm, dry, and mold-free. 

Unlike other boat heating options, Xtreme Heaters can be left unattended without worry over fires. Experts advise the most common causes of boat fires include electrical malfunctions, unattended portable heaters, and poor housekeeping. Xtreme Heaters are designed with safety in mind and automatically turn off and on when temperatures reach optimal conditions. Your boat is safe, and you can enjoy your time on and off the water without worry.

2) Grab a Marine Heating Stove

A marine heating stove relies on fuels or electricity so you can cook onboard. Some boaters also use them to produce more heat and keep warm. These stoves could be ideal if you spend days or weeks on the water and want to cook and stay warm from one source.

It's not uncommon to experience too much heat (or too little) and struggle to get the temperature correct. Although most marine boat stoves are considered safe, they do rely on aerosol gas canisters and combustible fuels that can be dangerous without some attention and care.

3) Reinforce Your Boat Insulation

The type of boat and insulation you have could impact how much heat you need while spending a day on the water. Insulation could reduce your heating costs and resources but also adds a layer of soundproofing if you want to spend more time on your boat or sleeping. More insulation could also help protect your engine compartment and other critical components. 

4) Consider a Cockpit Enclosure

boat heating options.jpgIf you love tearing up the water and increasing your speed, a cockpit enclosure could supplement your boat heating options. Cockpits are generally more expensive than a simple boat heater for your engine compartment but could keep away spray and cold. To maximize their functionality, look into durable enclosures customized with bug netting that can be removed, depending on what the weather is doing.

5) Get a Spray Enclosure

A spray enclosure will prove less expensive than a cockpit and helps keep your boat dry and your body warmer. Any spray enclosures should be wiped down and cleaned to stay as transparent as possible. When you're boating at night, you need to be able to see obstacles in the water or other boats that may look murky through dirty enclosures.

6) Use Hot Water Bottles and Blankets

Some of the most affordable ways to stay warm on a boat are hot water bottles and blankets. A rubber bottle is inexpensive and slowly releases the heat from the warm water inside. An insulating blanket keeps you warm and pairs well with a hot water bottle for inexpensive, simple boat heating options 

7) Dress in Layers

A good layering strategy is essential to staying warm on a boat. It's also an investment in your long-term comfort, whether you're on the water or hiking.

Start with a quick-wicking base layer and leggings. A fleece pullover, warm socks, and a waterproof, windproof jacket also help keep you warm. Complete your warm-weather look with accessories from scarves, gloves, and hats with backup options in case you get wet.

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