When looking for Boat Heaters For Sale, it's essential to focus on safety, reliability, and affordability. You don't need to spend a fortune to keep your vessel out on the water, even during inclement weather. Instead of worrying about your engine compartment freezing and cracking, your boat heater keeps it at optimal temperatures to prevent damage.

Xtreme Heaters offers heaters in three different sizes to fit your boat engine compartment and maximize the heat output. It comes on automatically and turns off to run efficiently and safely. They're also among the most compact boat heaters for sale on the market and are easy to install and mount with our optional Quick Release Bracket. It's so intuitive and user friendly, you don't need tools to install it. You can even install it upside down or sideways with the Quick Release Bracket.

What Do Your Boat Heaters Do?

Beyond keeping your engine compartment warm, a boat heater also keeps the area dry to prevents mold and mildew. Your new heater also saves money on winterization and related engine damage.

The alternative during cold temperatures are potentially expensive repair bills. Portable heaters could offer a solution, but they aren't always safe. According to Freeze and Fire Prevention, portable heaters are the leading cause of winter vessel fires, as reported by the Boat U.S. Marine insurance claims. Read the horror stories of boats and marinas aflame. Rest assured, our boat heaters for sale are safe to use and won't cause fires.

What to Look for in Boat Heaters for Sale?

Safety is paramount when it comes to purchasing boat heaters for sale. One size doesn't necessarily fit all. Instead, your boat and engine size should align and utilize the wattage you need. Our small XHeat with 300 watts is perfect for boats up to 24 feet. The XXHeat is our medium size to provide 450 watts to boats ranging from 21 feet to 28 feet. The last and biggest option is the large XXXHeat for 600 watts to serve boats over 28 feet. 

The size of your boat also impacts what type of heater to purchase. Choose our small XHeat bilge heater for ski/wake boats, runabouts, and deck boats. Cruisers and similarly sized boats need a medium bilge heater, while a large cruiser or boat with multiple engines needs our large XXXHeat bilge heater

The heater you choose is contingent on creating a circulation flow in the engine compartment to ensure it stays warm. Our testimonials are also helpful to see which heaters our satisfied customers choose to find the right Xtreme Heater for their needs.  

Xtreme Heaters Freeze Protection

Other Uses for Xtreme Heaters

We built our Xtreme Heaters for your boat's protection. However, we soon discovered our satisfied customers wanted to use their boat heaters for small cabins, structures, and RVs. They work well for small plumbing and engine compartments to protect from damage. Read more about our RV basement heating here.

You may also choose multiple boat heaters for sale in different sizes to suit all of your needs. For example, use one or two in your RV basement and one in your boat for a worry-free winter. Of course, properly caring for your boat and RV and weatherizing its surfaces appropriately are also recommended. 

Why Purchase Boat Heaters for Sale with Xtreme Heaters?

Xtreme Heaters is obsessed with you and your boat's safety and have been independently tested and certified through safety organizations like American Boat and Yacht Council, Military Specification testing, and Coast Guard standards. We passed with flying colors and always go above and beyond the industry standard.

Our boat heaters for sale also rely on the power of Positive Temperature Coefficient technology to self-regulate safely. In other words, they turn on and off when they reach optimal conditions. We also offer a 2-year warranty to ensure your Xtreme heater works efficiently, reliably, and safely for peace of mind.

Next Steps

Ready to browse our boat heaters? We're here to offer you an affordable price while keeping you and your boat safe all winter. Check out our entire selection of small to large boat heaters for sale here, or get in touch to discuss which heater is ideal for your boat, RV, or other structure.