Installing a boat heater can help extend your time on the water, but it takes an exercise in diligence and care to get it right. Some heaters require an expansive mounting area, depending on the size of the cabin and the amount of heat you want. Others are a quick and straightforward fix that doesn't make more than a few steps. Here's what to know before you take the following steps.

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How Do You Install a Boat Heater?

If you're installing a large boat heater, you'll need to drill holes into your boat and invest in shut-off valves, hose clamps, heater hoses, and more. It's usually best for a professional to assess your boat and minimize the number of holes and cutting required to make your heater fit.

Xtreme Heaters work differently. We make efficient boat heaters to protect the integrity of your engine, whether you're on the boat or not. Our heaters turn off and on automatically, depending on the conditions, and are safe to use unattended. 

Our boat heater installation is simple. We make heaters appropriate for boats 24' to 35' to work as efficiently as possible for the size of your boat. Once you find the right heater for you, you can install them permanently or remove them after winter, without tools, using a quick-release bracket.

You get everything you need, complete with mounting screws in the box, and it can be placed in a correctly wired, circuit-protected outlet. Or you can ask a marine electrician to wire your heater to a dedicated circuit in your 110v distribution panel. 

For easy boat heater installation, we created this guide for our customers to help walk you through the process.

Are Boat Heaters Safe?

Not all boat heaters are safe and require constant monitoring when in use. Left unattended, a heater could cause a boat fire and put you and your loved ones in danger. The first step is to read your boat heater installation for your specific product to determine if your heater is safe for use.

Next, find out whether your heater is self-regulating. Xtreme Heaters uses an automatic thermostat that turns the heater on at 40°F and off at 55°F +/-3°. It cannot overheat and uses automated technology to ensure your boat is safe. 

What Should I Look for in a Boat Heater?

Beyond safety and price, your boat heater should work as efficiently as possible. Spending time on the water makes it challenging to keep your boat warm and engine compartment safe, but it can be done.

If you want to produce excess heat on your boat, you may need a portable heater or another system altogether. Xtreme Heaters uses True Forced Air Heating to circulate efficiently and heat as evenly as possible for accurate climate control. It's designed to leave a small footprint and keep your engine compartment warm, dry, and free from mold and mildew.

Should I Use a Boat Heater if My Boat is Winterized?

Yes! Even if your boat is winterized, it's vital to protect your motor and engine compartment. While the outside of your boat remains dry and protected from drops of water that may freeze, expand and crack, your engine and motor also need safeguarding.

Xtreme Heaters offer an affordable solution that self-regulates and keeps your boat safe, even when not in use. The alternative is potential damage when the temperature falls below freezing. If there's any water or excess moisture inside your engine or gear case, you could end up with a cracked block and a costly repair bill.

Next Steps

Are you ready to take the next step with boat heater installation? Protect your vessel with an affordable, efficient, and safe boat storage heater. Browse our entire selection today from small to extra large, or get in touch to find out which heater will work best for your size boat.