The last days of summer are approaching and colder weather is moving in. Before the freezing temperatures move in, you’ll have to decide what to do with your boat. Are you going to winterize? Will you utilize bilge heaters for boats? Do bilge heaters for boats actually work? The answer is yes and we’re going to tell you why and how!

What Are Bilge Heaters for Boats?

Bilge heaters are heaters specifically made for boats as a way to keep engines and plumbing from freezing. Bilge heaters for boats will stop freeze damage by keeping the area above the freezing temperatures outside. 

How Do Bilge Heaters for Boats Work?

Xtreme Heaters built bilge heaters specifically for your boat. It was our mission to build the safest, most reliable, and most efficient product available. And we did exactly that! Our heaters are the safest and easy to work to extend the boating season. 

Our Bilge Heaters for Boats are designed to keep your engine space safely above freezing temperatures. And we do so without wasting energy by heating the space to unnecessary levels. It’s why our heaters will turn on at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once our bilge heater is triggered, the temperature is maintained at a consistent level. This will keep your bilge space safely in the high 30s to mid-40s despite freezing temperatures outside the bilge. 

Our bilge heaters for boats utilize Positive Temperature Coefficient technology which makes our heaters some of the safest. This PTC technology makes our bilge heaters self-limiting. It means once our heaters reach their operating temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the heaters will turn off. This makes our heaters incapable of overheating

Why Purchase Bilge Heaters for Boats?

Purchasing bilge heaters for boats are worth the investment as it will save money and protect your biggest investment- your boat! 

Save Money

You’ll save money because you won’t have freeze or fire damage when you use bilge heaters for boats. When water freezes inside your engine or gear case, you can have an expensive repair bill that could run into the thousands. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to winterize your boat, and maybe repeatedly depending on the weather. Plus, winterizing is a tedious and long process you can avoid with a bilge heater. 

Convinced bilge heaters for boats work and want to save money? Buy your bilge heater today!

Protect Your Boat and Others

You’ll also protect your boat because you won’t be using a lightbulb or portable electric heater, which can cause fire damage. Read our boating horror stories here to read how wrong that can go. Boat U.S. Marine Insurance claims confirm the leading cause of winter vessel fires are unattended portable heaters and overtaxed electrical systems. Portable heaters can easily be tipped over by a wave and start a boat fire. And a boat fire isn’t your only worry. If one boat is on fire, it can easily spread throughout the marina and you’ll be responsible for more damage. 

In fact, our bilge heaters for boats are the safest on the market. They have been independently tested by multiple safety organizations like ABYC and the military. Our bilge heaters for boats passed MIL-SPEC testing to prove that our heaters are tough enough to survive in the most demanding environment in heat, cold, moisture, and vibration. Military tests are the hardest to pass and we passed with flying colors! We have earned the trust of our military and are installed in special operations vessels and in homeland security vessels across America. If the military uses it to protect our military vessels, it can protect yours too! 

We already mentioned our PTC technology on our bilge heaters for boats, but it’s what makes our heaters safe and efficient. Our bilge heaters for boats change in power levels automatically in response to their environment. That’s what makes our bilge heaters different from traditional heaters, and makes them safer. 

Ready to protect your boat this winter? Buy bilge heaters for boats before they sell out!