Warm Boating Tips for Winter (and Why a Bilge Heater for Boats Is One of Them)

Warm Boating Tips for Winter (and Why a Bilge Heater for Boats Is One of Them)

If you’re enjoying the boating weather now, extend it to winter! Utilize a bilge heater for boats to keep your boat engine warm and safe during the colder months. Here is how to use your bilge heater for boats in the winter and stay warm onboard.

Warm Boating Tip #1: Dress for success

The weather app will be your go-to app if you want to boat in the winter. And if you’re not dressing for success, your winter boating trip will feel a lot colder. Here is what to consider when dressing for the winter elements: 

  • Wear a windproof outer garment
  • Dress in layers 
  • Don’t forget about gloves, hats, and scarves to keep you warm
  • If it’s wet out, use foul weather gear and ski goggles to protect your eyes
  • Choose synthetic clothing that’s breathable and waterproof
  • Bring more than one pair of shoes and socks

Warm Boating Tip #2: Invest in a Bilge Heater for Boats

Keep your engine warm and safe with a bilge heater for boats! Instead of opting for an electrical heater that can tip over and cause a fire, choose a bilge heater. Bilge heaters are specifically made for heating boats above freezing temperatures. It’s meant to be used as a replacement for winterizing your boat. Our Xtreme Heater bilge heaters for boats are reliable in harsh environments. Xtreme Heater’s bilge heaters for boats will keep your engine between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, despite below-freezing temperatures outside. 

Xtreme Heater installed vertically to suit the engine compartment size and layout


Keep the boating season going this winter with a bilge heater for boats!

Warm Boating Tip #3: Use Blankets

A bilge heater for boats will keep the engine functioning in freezing weather, but it won’t do much to warm up the human body. So blankets should be part of your layering if you’re boating in the winter. The best combination is a wool blanket and hot water bottle for maximum comfort. Besides keeping you warm, you can also use blankets in the cockpit or inside the boat. 

Warm Boating Tip #4: Eat Warm

Keep your internal temperature warm with warm foods and drinks like tea, hot chocolate, soups, chilis, and cookies! Plus, the boat will smell delicious if you’re cooking inside the boat. Bilge heaters for boats can’t help with making a boat smell good. That’s where the oven can come in handy! And it’ll save you money compared to eating out. 

Why Bilge Heater for Boats Are So Important

Out of the 4 tips we gave, the most important one is to invest in a bilge heater for boats. You can’t even go out on the water in the winter if your engine is frozen or has winter damage. Protect your motor with a bilge heater for boats to keep the important parts of your boat warm. Our Xtreme Heaters will also increase your battery life and provide more cold cranking power during the winter. Other additional benefits of a bilge heater with Xtreme Heaters include: 

  • Easy installation 
  • Can be mounted in an orientation
  • Has an optional Quick Release Bracket so no tools needed
  • Three sizes of bilge heaters for flexibility
  • Multiple bilge heaters can be combined
  • Efficiency by using the latest Positive Temperature Coefficient technology 
  • Self-regulating bilge heaters
  • Smaller and more efficient than other products 
  • Fast acting after powering on
  • Most compact bilge heaters available
Once you have a warm and functioning engine, then you can go out on the water! But it starts with the care you give your boat first. And a bilge heater should be on the list! Buy your bilge heater for boats so you’re ready for winter!