The Xtreme Heater Heated My Boat Bilge For Pennies A Night!

Truck Cab Preheated with Xtreme Heater

Your heater worked great in the boat, and is now working great in my truck.

I was skeptical about it only using $0.02/ hour, so to make sure that it came on each night in the boat and to see how much it actually cost I had it plugged into a Kill-A-Watt meter. Just as advertised, it heated my boat bilge for pennies a night. I used it for about a month and it cost a whopping $0.31.

Xtreme Heater in the Cab of a Pickup

Now it’s making my co-workers jealous. I put it in the cab of my truck and ran the cord through the slider windows and out the back of the cap. I back up to the garage and plug it in. Now for pennies a night I come out to a truck with nice clear windows that I no longer have to scrape the frost off from. ‘Sure wish they had an outlet at my work. It’s a lot cheaper and more effective then waiting for the truck to warm up enough to keep them clear.

With more time and less aggravation each morning, I’m a happy sledder.

Thanks, Xtreme Heater !!!

Max Speed, Two time Champion Hammerhead Sledder

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