Hey Xtreme heaters Thanks For Your Great Service!

Chaparral 290 Signature with Xtreme HeatersI wanted to say thanks for your great service today. I really appreciate your talking to me and helping solve the issue by exchanging the Xtreme heater. I like the new LED feature.

I bought one of the earlier versions, a few years ago because I liked the compact design that you had crafted for the heater. Tomorrow, I’m going to head back up to the boat and check out the engine compartment temperature. I’ll let you know the results. My boat the Yeah, Baby is a Chaparral 290 Signature from Randy, Ricky and the crew at Starboard Marine. I’m in the business of service also – I’m a builder.

I really appreciate you willingness to take the time to talk to me and for you prompt action to help me out.



Chaparral 290 Signature with Xtreme Heaters

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