I Think It Is Important To Acknowledge Someone Who Steps Up And Delivers

Well I suppose it is only right that once in a while I praise a company instead of complaining about them. I received the 3 XXXHEAT units I ordered, they seem to be very well made and much higher quality than the BS one I already have. They are very compact and are easier to mount.

The real reason I’m posting is that I received a phone call yesterday that Xtreme has gone through the approval process and the units are now certified as ignition protected. Kudos to them for spending the money and doing the right thing. They now have the only one on the market that can legally be installed in a gas boat.

Anyone who thinks I am plugging someone’s product for gain, only has to review any of my past posts to see I do more criticizing than praising. But I think it is important to acknowledge someone who steps up and delivers.

– Captain Keith

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