Being Able To Mount The Xtreme Heater In Any Orientation Really Made A Difference For My Install.

Xtreme Heater testimonialsLast time we left town the weather at home unexpectedly dropped to freezing temps. I had to call someone to winterize my boat at 11PM and swore I’d never get caught in that situation again. Xtreme Heaters lets us not worry about the boat hanging in the lift when the temps start to drop and we get to use our boat year-round!


Xtreme Heater testimonialsA 20′ wakeboard boat doesn’t have a lot of room to install stuff like this and I really wanted it out of the way. I mounted it upside down inside a U-channel brace just forward of the engine. I plan to add a duct to send the warm air down to the bilge. The heater now occupies otherwise wasted space and I still have full access to the engine. Being able to mount the Xtreme Heater in any orientation really made a difference for my install.

Jeff Daigle

Melrose, FL

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