Winterize your Mobile Detailing Trailer or Van with the Xtreme Heater !

Xtreme Heaters: Versatile Freeze Protection for Industries Beyond Boating

When most people think of Xtreme Heaters, they picture our rugged engine compartment heaters keeping boats safe from freezing temperatures out on the water. But did you know these tough, reliable heaters are making waves in a variety of other industries too?

Xtreme Heaters are designed with a fixed thermostat that activates the unit when temperatures drop to 40°F (+/-3°) and shuts off once the space reaches 55°F. This smart system ensures that your equipment stays safely above freezing without wasting energy on unnecessary heating. The result is a consistent, protective environment that remains stable even as outside temperatures fluctuate.

But don't just take our word for it – the proof is in the performance. One of our satisfied customers, Shine Bright ATL, a mobile detailing company, recently shared their experience with Xtreme Heaters. They found that our heaters were the perfect solution for keeping their water tanks, pressure washers, and cleaning chemicals from freezing during the cold winter months. By installing Xtreme Heaters in their mobile detailing vans and trailers, Shine Bright ATL was able to continue operating and serving customers year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.


detail trailers install xtreme heater

This real-world example showcases the versatility and effectiveness of Xtreme Heaters in industries beyond boating. The applications are nearly endless - any business or industry that works with water or temperature-sensitive equipment outdoors can benefit from an Xtreme Heater. Construction sites can use them to prevent materials from freezing. Food trucks and outdoor vendors can keep their water lines flowing smoothly. Outdoor power equipment can be protected in unheated garage and shed spaces. If you have a freeze protection need, chances are Xtreme Heaters has you covered.

The durable construction and "set it and forget it" operation of Xtreme Heaters make them the perfect choice for businesses and individuals who demand reliable performance without constant monitoring. Whether you're working on a remote job site or simply need to keep your equipment safe in an unheated garage, Xtreme Heaters provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are protected.

So, if you're looking for a rugged, efficient, and versatile freeze protection solution, look no further than Xtreme Heaters. Visit our website to explore our lineup of tough, dependable heaters and discover how they can help you conquer the cold in any industry or application.

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