Keeping the Vol Navy Afloat: Xtreme Heaters for Winter Boat Protection

As a company of passionate boaters, we appreciate the tradition of the Vol Navy. The Vol Navy embodies the spirit of college football fandom, combining a love for their team with a passion for boating. This group of Tennessee Volunteer fans travel to Neyland Stadium in boats along the Tennessee River creating a floating tailgate party like no other on Game Day Saturdays. As the season progresses and colder weather approaches, many Tennessee boaters face a dilemma: should they winterize their boats or keep them in the water? Xtreme Heaters has a solution that can help the Vol Navy stay on the water longer, even during the colder months.

How can Xtreme Heaters keep the Vol Navy out on the water longer?

Our mission at Xtreme Heaters is to protect boats from freezing temperatures and harsh winter conditions. Here's how Xtreme Heaters can help the Vol Navy:

1. Prevent Freeze Damage: One of the primary concerns during winter is the potential for freeze damage. Xtreme Heaters are specifically designed to keep critical components of your boat, like engines and water systems, from freezing.
2. Extend Your Boating Season: With Xtreme Heaters, you can keep your boat in the water longer, allowing you to enjoy the camaraderie of the Vol Navy even during colder months. No need to haul your boat out of the water prematurely.
3. Energy Efficiency: Xtreme Heaters are are designed to use minimal electricity while providing effective heating, making them an economical choice for boat owners.
4. Easy Installation: Installing Xtreme Heaters is straightforward. The small footprint enables easy placement in the engine compartment, bilge, or other critical areas needing protection. This user-friendly design ensures that boat owners can set up the heaters quickly.
5. Peace of Mind: With Xtreme Heaters onboard, you can have peace of mind knowing that your boat is protected from freezing temperatures. You won't have to worry about potential damage caused by winter conditions.

The Vol Navy tradition is one that combines the love of college football with the joy of boating, something we at Xtreme Heaters appreciate. We offer a practical solution for keeping boats in the water longer, avoiding the hassle of winterization. By preventing freeze damage and extending the boating season, Xtreme Heaters can help the Vol Navy enjoy their unique tradition year-round. So, if you're a Vol Navy enthusiast, consider how Xtreme Heaters can keep your boat afloat and your fandom alive even in the chilliest Tennessee winters.  You can find the collection here:

Go Vols!

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