Industrial Freeze Protection for heavy equipment.

Xtreme Heaters Industrial Applications

Xtreme Heaters have been used for freeze protection in many industrial applications over the years, including:

  • Air Compressors
  • Railroad Switches
  • Industrial Control Cabinets
  • Mining Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment

Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand Compressor

Large outdoor air compressor systems can run into problems in the winter months. Some of the issues that are common in freezing environments include:

Increased Electrical Usage

Compressor oil thickens with dropping temperatures. While it may not freeze, the thicker compressor oil is harder to circulate, forcing the drive motor work harder and consume more energy.

If your compressor is having a hard time starting, or is tripping breakers in an unusual pattern, conditions may be too cold. Using thinner oil in the compressor during the winter may haelp, but some large systems have built in temperature monitoring that will not let the compressor even try to start below a preset temperature, usually around 40 degrees.


Built in moisture control systems built into some compressors can become less effective during cold weather. Too much moisture in the system can lead to corrosion of the system components or controls over time.

Freezing Water

Moisture that develops in the tank and lines can and does freeze. This can lead to poor operation and broken lines and fittings. Condensate drains can also freeze, causing more issues.

Customers of Xtreme Heaters have used our products to safely and effectively keep cabinet mounted compressors warm enough to start. Working with the local Ingersol Rand office, we went through several models to help determine the appropriate sizing and placement of heaters to keep the tank, lines and control systems warm enough to avoid automated low temperature shut-downs. This included air movement and insulation of the compressor enclosures. Some had vents that could be opened and closed and access panels with gaskets or weather stripping to help reduce warm air leakage. If your unit does not have these, they should be added to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the heaters. If the enclosure is large enough, insulation can also be added, usually in the way of foam board attached to the enclosure walls.

Railroad Switches

Another industrial freeze protection application Xtreme Heaters have been used for is railroad switching. The control components for railroad switches are typically housed in a metal cabinet. The controls can be affected by freezing temperatures and moisture, which in turn can disable the switch. Xtreme Heaters automatically keep the inside of the railroad switch control cabinet warm and dry.

Industrial Control Cabinets

Outdoor Control CabinetIndustrial control system cabinets keep the wheels of production running in factories across the planet.

Xtreme Heaters are a compact and efficient tool for regulating temperature and keeping condensation and moisture under control during freezing conditions.

Mining Equipment

Another interesting use case a customer presented to us came from the mining industry. Deep underground, this particular mine was wet and cold. Placing Xtreme Heaters in the motorized mining equipment was an effective way of keeping the equipment ready-to-go.

Heavy Equipment

Excavator at Work in WinterMost engines in heavy equipment have block heaters to keep the big chunk of iron that makes them go warm enough to startup on a cold morning. What they often don’t have is a way to keep the rest of the equipment in the engine space warm.

Fuel water separators that store water removed from the diesel fuel can freeze. Batteries can lose enough of their capacity when cold that the machine won’t start. Xtreme Heaters prevent freezing, and keep batteries warm enough to do their job.

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