Choosing the Right Heater for: Center Console and other Outboard Powered Boats

Xtreme Heaters offer little utility in protecting outboard motors.  Most outboard motors are designed to allow water that could freeze in the block to drain when the engine is stopped.  Check with your outboard manufacturer for specific instructions for your model.

While not offering engine protection on your outboard powered boat, Xtreme Heaters do however perform well in protecting other systems on the boat, such as bait tanks, wash down plumbing, heads, generator compartments and battery systems

Choose your heater based on the size of the space to be protected, how well that space is sealed, and how the boat is stored.  Boats stored on a lift or on a trailer will not retain heat as well as boats stored in the water.  Boats exposed to windy conditions will not retain heat as well as boats protected from the wind.

Install the heater as low in the space you are trying to protect as possible.  Leave as much distance as possible between the heater and other objects to permit maximum airflow and circulation.  While your Xtreme Heater does not get hot enough to burn or melt nearby objects, the better the air is able to circulate, the more efficient it operates.


Xtreme Heaters fits our need perfectly to keep our patrol/rescue boat in-service year-round.
We purchased the XXHeat 450 watt (Medium) heater to keep our generator, battery bank and head system from freezing.
We found the XXHeat to be low cost, light-weight, easy to install (4 screws, 2 minutes), easy to use, just plug it in and the automatic thermostat takes care of the rest.
I would recommend Xtreme Heaters to anyone looking to extend their boating season. Please feel free to pass along my information to anyone who would like to see your product in use.
— S. Bruce Dufresne
Harbormaster, City of East Providene



These guidelines for heater selection are intended to help you make an informed choice regarding the size, number and placement of your Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater(s).  The infinite number of variables involved, including boat and engine compartment configuration, storage location, local weather conditions or extreme weather events make it impossible for us to make definitive recommendations for specific boats in specific locations.  Our testimonials page is a great place to see boat and heater combinations that our customers have found effective.