Circular Flow

When using two Xtreme Heaters to maintain temperatures in a large houseboat, maximum circulation can be accomplished by mounting your heaters outside of the engines, with one pointing forward, and one pointing aft, to promote a circular flow of air in the engine space.

Try not to point the heaters at objects that will block airflow, promoting a smooth flow of air from front to back for one heater, and from back to front for the other heater.  This circular flow will help promote more even temperature control throughout the engine compartment.

Wire Directly

Typically there is plenty of space to permanently install your Xtreme Heaters in a houseboat.  When permanently installed, it is a good idea to permanently connect your heaters to the boat’s electrical system, using a dedicated circuit breaker.  Note that two 800 Watt Heaters will require two separate circuits to eliminate any potential for tripping breakers do to an overload.

Vents and Hatches

It is also important to cover the vents during extremely cold periods to prevent the “chimney effect” from drawing all of the warm air generated by your heaters out of the engine compartment.   Houseboats also have large hatches for access to the engine room.  It is a good idea to examine how well those access hatches seal air in/out of the engine space.

Some houseboats have solid bulkheads between the engine space and “basement” area of the boat.  Depending on how well the bulkhead is sealed, the heat generated by your Xtreme Heater can move from the engine compartment, into the basement area.  Try to seal this bulkhead as well as possible.

There are a number of systems in the basement area of a houseboat that need to be considered, such as the fresh water plumbing, water heater, and potentially air conditioner through hull(s) and strainer(s).  Additional Xtreme Heaters can be used to protect these systems, or they will need to be properly winterized to prevent pipes or strainers from freezing and cracking during cold periods.

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Testing your Heater

The LED power light on the back of all Xtreme Heaters indicates that your heater is powered up and ready for use. Learn more about testing your heater.