The Xtreme Heater And Its Customer Service Surpass Any Company I Have Dealt With In A Very Long Time

Freeze Protection by Xtreme Heaters in Sea Ray 340The end of another great boating season comes upon us. I wasn’t ready to put our SeaRay 340 with, twin 8.1’s away. In fact after speaking with friends we decided for the first time to keep our boats in the water in case of some warm days of the winter months.

We boat the lower Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay and the winter weather can dip below freezing for extended time frames.

This was our concern. After speaking to West Marine sales and our boat mechanic, they recommended the Xtreme boat heater. Compared to the others I looked at, the Xtreme heater was, by far, the most compact and easy to mount in the cramped engine compartment. I was unable to obtain a quick release bracket so I contacted Xtreme Heaters directly.

This is where I was really convinced that the Xtreme Boat Heater and its customer service surpass any company I have dealt with in a very long time. I explained my time sensitive issue to obtain the mount and urgency for installation.

The person expressed concern and explained that they were completely sold out. However, they were expecting to be restocked in two weeks. He displayed genuine concern and understanding to satisfy me. He told me that if I call him in two weeks he will have the mount for me. He said, “In fact, I will give you the mount free.” I was thrown aback, because I did not ask or expect this during our conversation.

I asked for his name and he replied, “Just ask for Steve, I own the company”. I was astounded.

Freeze Protection by Xtreme Heaters in Sea Ray 340Sure enough, two weeks went by and I called Steve. He told me the mounts were in, and will ship mine to me priority mail. I thanked him and offered to at least pay for the shipping. He refused to allow me to do this. Steve, you are terrific. I installed the mount and have visited our boat every weekend. The weather here has already dipped below freezing. I open the engine hatch and can feel the warmer temperature emitting from the compartment. I am now rest assured that this heater will do its job over the winter, to protect our engines and generator.

I have already boasted and complimented about Steve and the Xtreme boat heater to West Marine and our boat mechanic who is a Crownline and Monterey dealer.

Steve, You da BOMB, and thanks again.

Nick C
Manassas, VA

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