Love The Heater – Seemed To Do A Good Job Last winter Season

Xtreme Heaters guys, Sorry so long to get back to you. I finally was doing some work in the bilge and had the camera handy so I am sending you some shots. The picture of the electrical panel shows the dedicated breaker. Red toggle – not yet labeled but is dedicated 20 amp for the bilge heater.

Xtreme Heater Permanently Mounted

The other two shots are of the mounted heater itself. I used a nylon cutting board from Wal-mart to serve as a rot-proof mount. Let me know what you think. If you want to post these on your web site I am okay for you to do that.

Love the heater – seemed to do a good job last season. By the way I used a couple of sponges stuffed into the bilge vents to keep out the winter air. The configuration of my bilge vents lended itself well to this solution.

Xtreme Heater Permanently Mounted

– Doug

Xtreme Heater Permanently Mounted

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