For Me In The Age Where CUSTOMER SERVICE Is Forgotten, Xtreme Heaters Went The Extra Mile

Cobalt with Xtreme HeaterThe well-documented drought in North Carolina, specifically Lake Norman where I live, has adversely effected recreational boating. The last time I was able to use my boat was the first week in August. The lake water level is down about seven feet preventing me from lowering the boatlift.

The cold weather is now upon us leaving the boat on the lift this winter. This raised the issue of winterizing, which I have never done before. So I visited my local West Marine store looking for a bilge heater. The sales person recommended your product so I made the purchase and headed home. Once home I read through the instruction material and had a few questions before installing it.

I called your customer service number and Steve the owner, to my surprise, answered from his home. As we spoke he discovered the unit I purchased was two years old and did not have the LED power indicator light witch was important to me. He said that he would get back to me after he got to the office to see if he had someone in my area to swap out my older unit for the new model with an led power light . Steve emailed me back with in an hour with information to do exchange.

For me in the age where CUSTOMER SERVICE is a forgotten word Xtreme Heaters went the extra mile to make my purchase a memorable one. 

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