When Should You Set Up Your Electric Boat Heater?

An electric boat heater is a good solution for people wanting to extend their boating season while still protecting their boat’s engine. Not only do good electric boat heaters keep a boat’s bilge compartment warm and dry, ensuring the vessel’s engine escapes the most disastrous effects of cold weather elements, they allow owners to forgo the hassle of engine winterization, a process that can be tiresome, expensive and prohibitive (since winterized boats can’t be used until the process is reversed). So when’s the best time to set up an electric boat heater? Keep reading.

Set Up Your Electric Boat Heater Before You Actually Need It

Electric boat heaters are used to protect a boat’s engine from freezing. Cold weather can bring lower temperatures that cause liquids or water vapors in your engine to freeze, expand and possibly crack its various components. Thus, you should set up and test your boat heating system long before cold weather could become a reality. In certain areas of the world, freezing temps might be possible all year round, so you need to understand the weather conditions of the area(s) where you store and/or use your boat. You don’t want to encounter an unexpected cold night and not have preparations in place for protecting your engine!

To start, you need to:

  • Research Your Options
  • There are many kinds of electric boat heaters, all with different features and specifications. Many are stand alone units, while others can be hardwired into the boat’s electrical system. Some are big, and some are small. They can be portable or not, and offer a variety of wattages for varying heat outputs. And these are just a few of your options. Examining the many different kinds of electric boat heaters available on the market today will enable you to find the equipment that best matches your needs, as well as your budget.

  • Consider Installation
  • You also need to leave enough time between purchasing your heater and the advent of cold weather so that you are able to install and become familiar with its operation before you actually need to use it! This is especially true for electric boat heaters that are wired directly into a circuit panel. Finding a qualified installer can take time. But even plug-in units can involve operational instructions that may or may not be easily understood and, thus, could benefit from extra time for relaxed and careful review.

  • Remember Testing and Maintenance
  • Of course, setting up your electric boat heater before cold weather hits allows you to test your heating system and figure out a schedule for its maintenance. Testing your electric boat heater ensures that it is functioning properly and will be able to protect your engine when freezing temps begin to roll in. 

    Ready to Learn More?

    Setting up an electric boat heater is made easier with advice and support from a reputable boat heating specialist. Our staff here at Xtreme Heaters help our clients pick the best electric boat heater to match their own unique needs and budgets. And because all our products were designed with safety in mind, they meet the ignition protection requirements of the ABYC E11, the USCG, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171, as well as have passed military testing, proving that they are more than capable of effectively (and safely) operating even in the harshest of conditions. To learn more about our products and service, please visit us here or contact us using this form.
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