Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)

At the heart of all Xtreme Engine Heaters is the PTC heating element.

How does PTC work?

PTC is an abbreviation for “Positive Temperature Coefficient”.  

PTC Technology offers significant benefits in two key areas of importance that make them well suited  and safe for use in your boat’s bilge space.  First and foremost is safety.  PTC heaters are self limiting, which means that as they approach their design operating temperature, electrical consumption is automatically decreased.  PTC heaters are incapableof overheating.

The Xtreme Heater PTC element is set for a maximum output level that can adequately provide enough heating power to maintain above-freezing temperatures within the engine compartment at minimum ambient temperatures. The difference between an Xtreme Heater and traditional heaters is that this power level changes automatically in response to ambient or environmental demands.

So, what happens if a thermostat fails in the on position when a PTC heater is in the system?

The heater will reduce power to a minimum operating level without overheating anything. Sort of like treading water.

What happens if the fan fails and there is no airflow?

Again, the PTC element powers down to a minimum operating level without overheating; it remains operational to prevent freeze damage as a convection heater. If there is a sudden thermal load placed on the heating system either by falling ambient temperatures or a consumer-caused condition, such as opening the engine compartment hatch allowing cold air to enter, the PTC heater will automatically increase its heating power to replace the heat loss. As soon as this has been accomplished the heater will stabilize again at a lower power level, it will go back to “treading water” mode.

When you use a PTC-based heater and a thermostat you have a control situation that can be compared to a person who wears both a belt and suspenders. It is equally as safe to eliminate the thermostat entirely and let the PTC control the temperature.

Traditionally, temperature regulation has been accomplished using a combination of a fixed resistance heating element and a thermostat. This has been, and still is today, a reliable method for heating hot water, space heaters and ovens. However, a problem can arise if the thermostat or fan fails in this type of heater. The element will keep on heating at its maximum rating with no way of shutting it down even as temperatures increase to an unsafe level.

The last thing you want in the bilge of your boat is a “runaway” heating element.   The second key benefit afforded by PTC technology is efficiency. The Xtreme PTC heating element draws full rated power upon startup to quickly heat the element, and reduces power consumption as operating temperature is reached.  The heater only works as hard as it has to in order to maintain temperature, saving energy and achieving more consistent temperature control of the engine compartment.  

Xtreme Heaters provide the heat your engine compartment requires to stay warm, safely and with reduced energy consumption 

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