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Beyond Boats

Xtreme Heaters are used to protect more than just boats. We have users protecting well houses, RV's, compressors and other equipment from freeze damage


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Xtreme Heaters helping Research Planes for The Canadian Armed Forces

This is a research plane that uses Xtreme Heaters to help protect the electronics.

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Using the Xtreme Heater in my RV!

Attached are two photos of your 300 watt Xtreme heater installed in the wet bay of my motorhome. The heaters' compact size, built in thermostat and unbelievable qualities make it the perfect fit for the area. The heater has all the ABYC requirements which far exceed the RV industry standards. The minimal 3 amp draw is ideal for the RV because of the additional AC requirements in today's coaches. The heater in the photo is plugged into a GFCI receptacle. It will certainly provide the heat I need for the wet bay.

Thanks to Xtreme heaters for giving the RV world a quality option for heating specific areas.

P. Enoch

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Xtreme Heaters can winterize plants too!

Here are some pics of my technique to protect my Windmill palms:
Burlap, heating tape, recycled mulch pad ,light through cloth covers and your Xtreme Heaters! Thanks, will report back in the spring!


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Xtreme Heaters work for land lubbers too, keeping the tanks and plumbing safe in this RV

Dear Xtreme Heaters, As a newcomer to Georgia from Florida, I had to learn about preparing for freezing temperatures here in the winter. The good news is that I learned the easy way! Indeed, I was fortunate that my knowledgeable local boating supply dealer recommended and demonstrated your products 3 winters ago. I bought them and have slept like a baby ever since!

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The compact size of our Xtreme 300 makes protecting your PWC easier than ever

Steve: Here are the pictures I promised to you. The skis are stored at Pickwick Lake about 100 miles away from my home in Memphis, TN. I just stopped by the storage facility on my way home from Nashville to check on things. I had placed two 300 watt heaters in service on December 1, 2007 (one in each ski). You can see from the pictures that I placed a thermometer on each engine block. When I checked the thermometers the coldest outside temp was 24 degrees and the coldest inside temp was 38.3 degrees during the period from December 1 to December 19, 2007. Looks like the heaters did a very good job keeping engine compartment temps well above freezing. I had removed the middle seat on each ski to promote air circulation into the engine compartment. The heater itself was mounted on a 12 inch an oak plank to insulate it from the rubber matting in the foot well and to add some additional stability. The quilted furniture pads were purchased at a UHaul location. Let me know if you have any questions about what you see.

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