It’s hot temperatures now, but soon colder weather will sneak up on you. It’s why you need an RV Storage Heater to travel safely this fall and winter.

What is an RV Storage Heater?

An RV storage heater is not a portable electric heater, it’s a heater specifically made to keep engines and plumbing warm. It’s safer than an electric heater, which can overheat and cause fires and damage from the circuit constantly turning on and off when left unattended. 

Why Use an RV Storage Heater?

Using an RV Storage Heater will protect your RV. Instead of winterizing, which can be a timely and tedious process with draining water and adding antifreeze, you can keep your engine and plumbing warm with an RV storage heater. One review mentions using our RV storage heater instead of winterizing. It’ll save you money too since it only kicks in when you need it. 

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There are many benefits to using an RV Storage Heater, but don’t just take our word for it! Read our RV testimonials to see how RV owners love and use our battery heaters. One van review listed all the perks of using our Xtreme Heater in the winter:

  • We love the “set it and forget it” setup.
  • It doesn’t get any simpler.
  • Ability to keep their van close by and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Barely a change in their electric bill.
  • The power light is simple and reassuring.
  • The compact size is fantastic.
  • It would be easy to mount.
  • Made their life easier. 
  • Protected their valuable investment. 

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Another review mentioned our RV storage heaters are “perfect for protecting my RV” because they’re “easy to put in place, reliable as a stone, highly efficient, and with their small footprint, are easy to fit just about anywhere.” We offer three sizes for RV storage heaters. That way you can mix and match and choose the heater that’s right for your RV storage space and needs.

Why Buy an RV Storage Heater with Xtreme Heaters?

Our RV Storage Heaters are specially designed to be installed in engines and plumbing areas of RVs. Our heaters will turn on once the inside temperature reaches a low of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off at 50 degrees. This will keep your engine and plumbing safely above the freezing temperatures outside. So even when temperatures are freezing and continue to get colder, the inside remains at a consistent temperature to stop freeze damage. 

Our RV storage heaters are also safer than electric heaters. It’s because they’re made with Positive Temperature Coefficient. This technology makes our heaters safe because of their self-limiting ability. Once the heater reaches the operating temperature, the RV storage heater will automatically turn off. The power level changes automatically in response to the environment. Even if our heater gets stuck in the on position, power will be reduced to a minimum without overheating. 

In addition to keeping your RV warm with the PTC technology, our RV storage heaters use true forced-air heating. This lets the air circulate more efficiently and heat the area more evenly. It’s what also helps keep the area at a stable temperature. 

Lastly, our heaters have been tested independently for their safety. They’ve been tested and certified by Coast Guard and ABYC standards and against Military Specification. We aimed to create the safest, most reliable, and most efficient product. And we did! Shop your RV storage heater for the upcoming cold weather.