Taking out a small boat on the water is the perfect way to spend the day, but it requires the right heat source to stay warm. You don't need a robust heating system, but you need something to keep critical components like your engine from freezing. Investing in Marine Heaters for Small Boats is the perfect way to keep your boat up and running all winter long.

Xtreme Heaters offers engine compartment heaters that work efficiently without worrying about wasting resources or compromising safety. Before purchasing your next marine heater for small boats, here's what to consider.

What Should I Use to Warm My Boat?

birds eye view of snowy boats at a dock - Marine Heaters For Small Boats - xtreme heaters.jpgMarine heaters for small boats, or engine compartment heaters, may look pint-sized but are still an excellent option to keep your engine warm and prevent freezing. They also help keep the area dry to avoid mold and mildew from compromising your engine. 

If you're searching for an option to produce heat and warmth to enjoy your time on the water, you probably need a heating system or portable heater. Here are a few options to consider:

1) Propane heaters

Propane heat sources are often favored for their portable convenience and ease of installation. You'll also need canisters of propane to keep them fueled and have a way to mount the heater safely. They're ideal for small boats, but the fuel can get expensive quickly, and they're often considered dangerous. Portable heaters are often a leading cause of fires on boats and require diligence and safety.

2) Diesel heaters

Diesel heaters are robust and relatively efficient for smaller boats. They also use fuel to generate heat and must be mounted to stay in place. Although they're less prone to malfunctioning than propane heaters, the fuel could still spark fires.

3) Electric heaters

Electric heaters are a convenient and straightforward option for small boats. They draw on your boat's electrical system to generate heat and are usually inexpensive. But they're not as powerful as propane or diesel heaters and aren't always efficient. They also won't necessarily protect your engine or prevent your boat from needing a round of winterization. 

Are Marine Heaters for Small Boats Safe?

Overall, marine heaters for small boats are safe, but largely depends on the manufacturer and whether or not you can leave them unattended. 

Choosing a marine heater that's approved for use on boats and meets all relevant safety standards is essential. Look for heaters, like Xtreme Heaters, that have been tested and certified by recognized organizations such as the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). The certification gives you peace of mind that the heater is safe to use on your boat. 

It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions to properly secure the heater to prevent it from tipping over. You should also regularly inspect the heater for any signs of damage or wear and tear and have it serviced by a professional if needed.

Can You Leave a Boat Heater Unattended?

Xtreme Heaters Top ViewUnless you have an Xtreme Heater, you probably won't be able to leave your marine heaters for small boats unattended. Our heaters are ideal if you're looking for options to keep your engine warm during winter months to prevent damage. 

We employ Positive Temperature Coefficient technology to self-regulate our heaters' temperature for safely. They automatically turn off and on when they reach optimal temperature conditions and provide a 2-year warranty to ensure your Xtreme heater works efficiently, reliably, and safely for peace of mind.

Regardless of the type of heater you purchase, it's good practice to keep a working smoke detector and fire extinguisher on board and always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use of the heater.

Next Steps

Are you ready to find your own marine heaters for small boats? Check out our entire selection of small to large boat heaters for sale here, or get in touch to discuss which heater is ideal for your boat, RV, or other structure.