Keeping your boat warm during winter helps extend your enjoyment on the water. But there's a difference between keeping a boat warm during the winter months and heating it. 

You may only need a small heater for your engine compartment to keep it from freezing. If you want the entire boat to keep you warm when you're out and about, you'll need a larger and more comprehensive heating system. 

Engine heaters are ideal when you want to extend your time on the water during the winter. They run efficiently and don't waste any unnecessary resources.

Ready to get out on the water, even during a cold snap? Learn more about boat heaters, what to expect, and how Xtreme Heaters can help.

What Type of Boat Heater Do I Need?

Xtreme Heaters Top ViewKeeping a boat warm during winter doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming. Instead, you can figure out what you need based on the size of your engine compartment impacts keeping a boat warm during the winter.

We offer three sizes to mix and match to meet your needs. Our small XHeat  features 300 watts for boats up to 24 feet. The XXHeat is our medium size are designed for larger boats of 21 feet to 28 feet for 450 watts. Boats over 28 feet need around 600 watts of power from our large XXXHeat

Does the Location of My Boat Matter?

A boat heater, or bilge heater, is a must-have if you experience freezing temperatures at any point during the year. If you keep your boat in a tropical location, you can probably skip the heater, although there's always a chance you could face a cold snap. Even brief cold spells can do damage to your boat and benefit from a compartment heater.

What If I'm Going on a Long Voyage?

Bilge heaters, or boat heaters, are recommended if you're taking a long voyage or cruising during unpredictable weather. When conditions are in constant flux, keeping a boat warm during winter or off-season is crucial. It's especially important for rescue and tow boats, harbor patrols, and first responder vessels.

What Happens If You Don't Winterize Your Boat?

Xtreme Heaters Boat and RV Freeze ProtectionWhen temperatures dip below 32°F, it increases the risk for engine damage. Any water trapped in the engine could freeze, expand, and crack parts of your boat. In some cases, you won't be able to operate your boat at all after freezing. 

Winterizing your boat is one option to avoid damage, but it isn't convenient and can take an entire day to safeguard your boat. It can also get costly when you need to haul your boat in and out of the water every time there's a cold snap. Instead, keeping a boat warm during winter can be as simple as installing a small heater.

Maximize Your Battery Life

It's normal to want your boat to look the best it can possibly be. There's nothing like walking up to your dock and seeing it sparkling clean and ready to cruise. But those hidden components like your batteries also need attention. 

Batteries need regular use to function year-round and extend its life span. When your boat stays warm enough to cruise safely, your batteries are slower to drain. We designed our Xtreme heaters to last as long as the life of your boat. You'll run your boat longer, more efficiently, and at a reasonable price point.

When Should I Purchase a Boat Heater?

Time is of the essence when purchasing and installing a boat heater. It's best to buy and install before cold weather sets in. Although our heaters are easy to use, you want to ensure you're familiar with the operations and  learn how to test it. But if it's already cold out and you're struggling to find solutions, purchasing a boat heater is still a good idea.

Next Steps: Keeping a Boat Warm During Winter 

With so much competition on the market, we know you have options for which heater to use. We make purchasing our products virtually stress-free with a 2-year warranty for a satisfaction-guaranteed experience.

Our products are affordable, easy to mount, and incredibly safe to use. Xtreme heaters exceeds Coast Guard and ABYC standards with MILSPEC (Military Specification). We passed ratings for heat, cold, moisture, and vibration. They're reliable in harsh weather and freezing temperatures. 

Ready to make the investment and extend your time on the water while protecting your boat? Browse our products today to keep your boat out on the water during winter and beyond.