If you're considering an investment in a Heater For Boat there's more to consider its cost and size. Your heater is also a valuable asset that saves time, money, and resources while keeping you out on the water long after the weather turns cold. 

Ready to make the investment? Here's what to expect when you buy a new heater to keep your boat running efficiently. 

Extend the Boating Season

Instead of pulling your vessel out of the water during a cold snap, a heater for boat extends the season so you can enjoy more time on the water. You also don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to repeatedly haul your boat out of the water and spend time drying and weatherizing every inch.

Instead, you can rely on a heater to automatically keep your boat at optimal temperatures. Of course, if you live in an area prone to harsh weather and ice and won't be out on the water during winter, you should pull out your boat at some point and safely weatherize it.

Run Your Boat Efficiently

Power and fuel efficiency are at the forefront of boaters' minds, with a focus on conserving energy. Xtreme Heaters are built for efficiency, and we guarantee their reliability and durability. Our thermostats automatically kick on at 43°F with a +/- 3-degree tolerance. In other words, you don't have to do anything, they kick-on between 43° and 46° to keep your boat above freezing temperatures.

They also turn-off a 55°F and are focused on the health of your boat instead of running to keep you warm. Bundle up or consider a larger heater for internal boat warmth.

Elongate Your Battery Life

Your boat's battery needs to function year-round to maintain its life span. Unlike our competitor's heater for boat; our products don't put a strain on your battery life and only kick on during set conditions.

Your boat stays warm enough to cruise safely, and you don't need to worry about drained batteries and replacements. Our heaters are also designed to last as long as the life of your boat, which means you're spending just pennies a day to maintain your boat's temperature.

Quickly Install Your Heater

We know that larger, outdated heaters are difficult to mount and aren't efficient, and that's why our products are smaller than other units on the market. Xtreme Heaters are installed vertically to suit your engine compartment size and layout. Once installed, our heaters operate at an operating temperature almost immediately and power on quickly. 

Use Your Heater for Boat In Your Cabin

Our heaters can also be used safely in cabin spaces to protect water lines and other sensitive systems. You'll need to consider the size of your area to determine the size and number of heaters you need. We also advise plugging your heaters into outlets on separate circuit breakers to keep from overloading a single circuit.

Enjoy High Safety Standards

Xtreme heaters were among the first of their kind to undergo testing at independent IMANA Labs. They meet or exceed both Coast Guard and ABYC standards, but we also took testing a step further against MILSPEC (Military Specification). The ratings look at heat, cold, moisture, and vibration. We passed everything with flying colors, which has earned our product the trust of our military, where it is installed in special operations vessels and homeland security vessels across our nation.

Why Purchase a Marine Heater from Xtreme Heaters? 

Xtreme Heaters Boat and RV Freeze ProtectionWith so much competition on the market, we know you have options choosing your heater for boat. We make purchasing our products virtually stress-free with a 2-year warranty for a satisfaction-guaranteed experience.

Our products are affordable, compact, and flexible for easy mounting. They're also reliable in harsh water conditions and environments. Most importantly, we also hold a track record for safety. Our heaters exceed Coast Guards, ABYZ, and Military Specification ratings and are independently tested with UL 1278 standards. 

Ready to make the investment and extend your time on the water while protecting your boat? Browse our products today to keep your boat out on the water during winter and beyond.