Why You Need an Engine Compartment Heater This Winter

Winter is coming and as a boat owner, you have to be prepared for winter to save your boat. When you winterize properly, you’re saving yourself money from freeze damage. Plus, when your boat is properly winterized, you can extend the boating season this winter!

Save Money

Instead of dealing with anti-freeze and trying to get all the water out of your engine and boat, a tedious winterization process- save yourself time and money by winterizing with an engine compartment heater. An engine compartment heater will minimize the risk of damage winter can bring forth. Freezing temperatures can cause critical damage and drain your battery system. This can result in thousands of dollars dedicated to repairs. 

You’ll also save money by not creating a fire on your boat by using a light bulb or space heater. Our boating horror stories prove how dangerous other methods of keeping your engine compartment warm. One used a portable electric heater which caused a multi-boat fire. The fire started on one boat and then spread along the dock to other boats. So not only can you damage your boat, but you can damage others and be held financially responsible. Another story mentions using a light bulb to keep their engine warm, but it melted on his holding tank.  

Keep your boat safe and save money with an engine compartment heater this winter! 

Prolong Boating Season

Winter days can have highs in the 50s and 60s and lows below freezing. With an engine compartment heater, you’re able to extend the boating season and have your boat ready to go at a moment's notice. When you’re storing your boat on the water, you’re actually helping keep the boat warm because the water offers better insulation compared to keeping it out of water. 

When you keep your engine warm in the winter, you can have many advantages that other boaters don’t realize. One is being able to store your boat in the marina to take advantage of the water to insulate your boat. And when you’re already at the marina, you can make the most out of your boat with some winter trips. This will help take the pressure off during the regular boating season. 

Xtreme Heater’s Engine Compartment Heater

Xtreme Heater’s engine compartment heater cycles on and off once the inside temperature dips to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the inside temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it will turn off. This will keep your engine compartment temperature safely between the high 30s to mid-40s, even if it’s below freezing outside. 

When choosing the right engine compartment heater, your boat size, location, and temperature are factors you need to consider. At Xtreme Heaters, we offer three sizes for flexibility and the ability to combine heaters for larger spaces. Here’s what we recommend:

Learn more about the right engine compartment heater for your boat this winter. Or Contact us to speak to an Xtreme Heater Specialist to help you determine the best choice for your boat.

Xtreme Heaters created an engine compartment heater specifically for your boat. And we created the safest, most reliable, and most efficient product available. Our end goal was to keep you on the water longer. Our engine compartment heater will keep your engine warm but also extend the life of your boat. Get peace of mind this winter with one of our engine compartment heaters. Shop all the sizes and deals here