Boat storage heaters are useful for protecting your vessel from freezing temperatures, mold, and mildew. However, you need the right heater to stay safe and avoid the potential hazards that come with using one. Learn more about how to decide whether or not you need a boat storage heater, how to choose the right one, and how to use it safely.

Do You Really Need a Boat Storage Heater?

Whether or not you need a Boat Storage Heater depends on what you need to protect your boat. For example, if your boat storage keeps extra boat batteries, water, food, and vital supplies, you need the added protection of a heater. Failing to protect your boat could result in mildew, mold, and damage to your supplies. 

The climate you live in also matters. A warm, tropical climate may not require a boat storage heater. However, you should still consider a heater if you plan to travel with your boat or live in an area with occasional cold snaps. Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to the risk of damage and repair bills.

What If You Already Have a Boat Heating System?

If you already have a boat heating system to keep you and your guests warm, you may still need a boat storage heater. It's unlikely you're running your bot heater all the time, and if you are, you're leaving your vessel at risk for fire and danger. But unless your boat is stored in an area with temperature control, your storage is still at risk. 

Do I Need a Boat Storage Heater When My Boat Isn't in the Water? 

You may need a heater depending on how you're storing your boat when it's not in the water. If your boat is in temperature-controlled storage or in a reasonably warm climate that doesn't dip into freezing temperatures at night, you can probably skip the heater. 

If your boat is sitting in a shed or outdoors, a boat storage heater is still a good choice. Your storage is still susceptible to freezing and damage. You should also consider that leaving your boat outdoors, even in a warmer climate, could attract mold and mildew without the help of a small heater. 

Are Boat Storage Heaters Safe?

Boat storage heaters can be safe when used properly and under the proper precautions. Yet even when following the manufacturer's instructions, not all heaters are safe. Most heaters cannot be left unattended, or they could overheat, catch fire, and create a dangerous situation.

Xtreme Heaters uses self-limiting functionality to automatically turn off once they reach an operating temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and make our heaters incapable of overheating. You can leave our heaters unattended and risk-free while enjoying peace of mind that your boat storage is safe. 

How Expensive Are Boat Storage Heaters?

Depending on the size of your boat and needs, a boat storage heater is usually affordable and efficient. We make Xtreme Heaters for boats up to 24' up to 35' and also offer quick-release brackets for easy installation. You'll find prices ranging from $369 to $835. Regardless of the heater you buy, and whether or not you choose a competitor, you don't need to spend a small fortune to keep your storage safe.

Where Else Can You Use a Boat Storage Heater?

Xtreme Heaters are ideal for your boat storage solutions but can also be used for a wider range of purposes. Whether you want to protect your engine compartment or an RV basement, our heaters help protect your most important assets from cold, mold, and mildew. Contact us today to discuss your heater needs and whether not our products are appropriate for your specific needs.

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