If you're worried about staying on the water as long as possible this winter, you need a Boat Cabin Heater. It's convenient, keeps your boat safe, and is highly affordable. Instead of risking your boat and repeatedly weatherizing it every time the temperature drops, you can protect your engine compartment with a boat cabin heater for the ultimate convenience. 

Xtreme Heaters are highly effective but aren't a one-size fits all product. We know your needs are unique, and that's why we offer boat cabin heaters in three different sizes. They're easy to install, and a Quick Release Bracket provides the flexibility to install it upside down, sideways or any other way that works for your engine compartment.

What Does a Boat Cabin Heater Do?

You can purchase a large, portable, heater to keep your entire cabin warm. However, they typically need monitoring to ensure safety and do not turn off and on automatically.

Xtreme Heaters are focused on protecting your engine compartment to keep it safe, dry and free from mold and mildew. Unlike other heaters that can potentially cause boat fires, Xtreme Heaters automatically comes on when the temperature drops and turns itself off without the need to monitor it for safety. 

When Should I Buy a Boat Cabin Heater?

A boat cabin heater is ideal for keeping warm if you plan to stay out on the water in the frigid cold. But if you're worried about safety and efficiency, our engine compartment heaters are the best on the market. We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Choose our small XHeat with 300 watts, which is perfect for boats up to 24 feet.

Our XXHeat for 450 watts is designed for vessels ranging from 21 feet to 28 feet for a medium-sized boats. We also serve ships 28 feet and over with the largest XXXHeat for 600 watts to help boats over 28 feet. 

Are Xtreme Heaters Safe?

Fire on the Water - Boat Cabin Heater - Xtreme HeatersStaying safe is among the highest properties for a boat cabin or engine compartment heater. According to Freeze and Fire Prevention, portable heaters are the leading cause of winter vessel fires, as reported by the Boat U.S. Marine insurance claims. Electrical issues are also a culprit of boat fires. You don't need a heater compromising your systems. Xtreme Heaters are safe and won't compromise the safety of your engine compartment.

Our heaters don't cause fires and are safe to use, even when you're not there to monitor what it's doing. With the help of Positive Temperature Coefficient technology, our heaters self-regulate and come on and turn off when the temperature drops or rises. 

Other Uses for Xtreme Heaters

An Xtreme Heater could be perfect for multi-purpose use if you have an RV or small structure that needs protection. Our customers also use Xtreme Heaters in RV basements and small cabins to protect engines, plumbing, and other systems that need to stay above freezing. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss what type of heater you need or what you want to keep warm. We can help determine the best size and whether or not our products are what you're looking for. Our goal is to ensure you find the heater you need and understand its best use to maximize your investment. 

Why Purchase a Boat Cabin Heater from Xtreme Heaters?

Xtreme Heaters are efficient, well-reviewed, and safe to use. But don't just take our word for it. Xtreme Heaters are independently tested and certified through safety organizations like American Boat and Yacht Council, Military Specification testing, and Coast Guard standards. We exceed testing expectations and always put your safety first and foremost. 

Next Steps

Ready to browse our boat cabin heaters? We're here to offer a safe and efficient product at an affordable price. Check out our entire selection of boat cabin heaters for sale here, or get in touch to discuss which heater is ideal for your vessel, RV, or other structure.