I Installed Two Of Your Xtreme Heaters In My 2005 Monterey 250CR Cabin Cruiser

Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater Protects RegalThanks for making a great product. I installed two of your Xtreme heaters in my 2005 Monterey 250CR cabin cruiser. One was installed in the engine room and one was installed in the cabin. They worked great, but after the divorce she got the boat.

I have since remarried and purchased a new boat called the SWEET MELISSA. She is a 2001 Regal 2660 Commodore cabin cruiser. We boat on the James River in Virginia all year long.

Having the Xtreme heaters installed on the boat gives me all year long boating without worrying about the water lines freezing. I have attached the pictures of both boats; however I have been unable to find the install pictures from my 05 Monterey.


Captain Albert

PS: I enjoy relaxing on the boat year long while waiting for calls to assist disabled boaters on the James River as a Boat US Tow Boat Captain.

Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater Protects Regal

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